To Journal: A Perfect Day?

A beautiful summer walk led us to a bench overlooking hills and forest at a nearby park. I turned to my significant other and asked “What would you perfect day in the city look like?”. I was so surprised to learn it involved bike riding and exploring new neighbourhoods… things we never do. Why didn’t we pay $50 for bike rack access in our building? Why hadn’t we used Toronto’s BlogTO website to scout out new favorite coffee shops? It seems a shame to make perfect days once-in-awhile days.

My Perfect Day

  • 6am, cup of tea, big ol’ sweatshirt and some time alone with my thoughts
  • Waking my significant other up with rubs and snuggles (one of my favorite parts of any day!)
  • A nice long relaxing shower
  • Brunch
  • Reading an engrossing book and napping in the sun
  • Go exploring: afternoon pub beers or coffee indulgences
  • Making a healthy dinner together
  • Snuggling up on the couch with my significant other to watch a favorite show
  • Cup of tea & book in bed after a long and fulfilling day

Try to incorporate these moments in to your every day.

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