To Journal: Small Moments of Happiness

I’m having a great morning sitting outside on my balcony. It’s a cool mid-summer day and the sun has that gorgeous just risen light that makes everything seem misty and romantic. It’s just the wind, the birds, and my thoughts.

As I went to get my second cup of tea, I found myself craving the comfort of a bowl of oatmeal: melty brown sugar and sweet milk. It made me think of Mom who would often prepare it for me in the morning, and brisk fall days. It brought a smile to my face (and so did eating a bowl all curled up in my sweatshirt and jammies).

It made me think of other small pleasures that create daily contentedness. When one of these moments next comes around, I’ll be better able to pause and truly appreciate the moment. Plus, what a great way to start this day: reflecting on what life can offer.

My List

  • Climbing in to a freshly laundered bed
  • The softness of newly shaved legs
  • Listening to rain patter while I’m snuggled inside
  • The post-yoga glow and feeling like you can take on the world
  • First snow fall
  • The quiet of 6am
  • A new book
  • A glass of wine after a long day
  • Lazy Saturday mornings spent in bed
  • Naps in sunbeams
  • Getting a card in the mail
  • Dancing in my living room
  • Finding a new favourite recipe
  • Sitting back pensively and enjoying listening to my friends enjoy themselves
  • Completing a puzzle
  • Letting myself paint/draw without worrying about the outcome
  • Browsing through bookstores, mocha in hand
  • Being a part/watching my loved ones succeed
  • My Waterloo reading nook: tea & academic papers
  • Finding the perfect gift for someone
  • Feeling loved
  • Movie nights with indulgent snacks
  • A long, warm, misty shower
  • Trying something new
  • Being snuggled
  • Dinners that continue long into the night
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