To Research

I like order. I learned it from my Mom. I can’t help it. My name is Jenn, and I am a slave to lists. All the life ponderings I have that I’d like to learn more about will be posted here. I’ll draw inspiration from this list when I have time on my hands to do a bit of academic digging (nerd alert!).

Healthy Living

  • Is organic worth the price tag?
  • What’s all the buzz about coconut oil about?
  • Is this gluten free, sugar is the devil, inflammation trend based in sound science?
  • Should I take multivitamins/supplements?
  • Fighting back: migraines & anxiety
  • Anti-aging in my 20s
  • Brain/Bone development in my 20s
  • Quick, Healthy, Delicious and Cheap Recipes – the holy grail

Responsible Living

  • Is recycling worth the energy consumed during reprocessing?
  • Is organic food more environmentally sound?
  • How much more environmentally sound is local food?

Happy Living

  • Life of an introvert: How to get my ass outside and talking to people
  • Inexpensive Summer Thrills
  • How to be knowledgeable with what’s going on in my city
  • Relationship Wars: A no nagging, yet effective approach at a clean house (am I dreaming!?)



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